Thursday, August 13, 2015

Terminal, I command Thee!

        Oh, man, I thought learning code was supposed to be fun, but as it turns out, there is all this technical stuff you have to install first, and as far as I am concerned, I might as well be reading instructions in Ancient Greek.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of Googling, I finally got command tools installed, 3 ruby versions, iterm2, RVM, homebrew and Sublime 3.

If you are a beginner out there, I ended up following this excellent guide: and most installations went without a hitch.

I am still having some issues with Sublime 3, I tried installing several plugins and I broke something. At one point, my Package Control was completely missing and I could not find it in the Command Palette, so I reinstalled it again. Even though I got an error message in the console, it seems to be working now. There are so many settings in Sublime 3, I have a feeling I will be learning it for a while.

Also, it seems silly but sometimes I get stuck in a weird mode in the terminal, where the line will begin with a ">" and it is not recognizing any commands, like it is waiting on some specific input.
I usually get into that mode by making a syntax mistake in the command. It is not responding to any normal commands like pwd or clear or exit. I usually have to Comm+W and restart the terminal. What is that? I will have to remember to look that up, it is driving me crazy.

What's next: keep tweaking Sublime app, get comfortable working in the Terminal and rely less on Finder

Note to self: start keeping track of hours I spend studying.

Have an awesome day, everyone


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