Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So excited by Ruby!

  Hello, everyone!

  I finally started to learn the basics of Ruby, and I am already on Chapter 9 of Chris Pine's book Learn to Program! I am having so much fun! I know, I know, it is all very basic stuff to some of you, but I feel like I can actually create things. It has not been too difficult so far, but I am sure the tough stuff is coming ahead!

  One of my biggest "accomplishments" so far is the code that prints out the entire lyrics of "99 bottles of beer".  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6b690a557bd0a6dab601 I am sure there is a more elegant way to code it, but I was super happy when it finally worked :)

  I also did a program that lists all the leap years within any range that you input.

  Also, just today, I learned about irb. This must be how superheroes feel! This really is like a super power! :) So many questions that I have been struggling with for the last couple of days can be answered just by using irb. Simply amazing! If you are out there, beginning to learn Ruby, learn about irb asap. What does this command return? nil? Integer? String? irb has an answer.

  My wife is arriving home from Ukraine tomorrow, so I will not have any studying time. I will go to the airport after work to pick her up, and spend the evening with her. It will be great to see her! It feels like it has been a lot longer than a week that she has been gone!

  And back to the Ruby grind on Thursday! Chapter 9 awaits: Writing Your Own Methods!

 Have a great day, everyone,




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