Saturday, August 22, 2015

CSS and Robots

   Hello, everyone,

   I feel I am making good progress so far. I finished Epicodus and General Assembly html and css introductory courses. They teach same subjects but very differently. I finally feel I am understanding positioning a little bit better after making an animated robot entirely out of html and css. Pretty cool! I tried pasting the entire code here in blogger, but it does not seem to play well with javascript. (so here is just a picture of the little guy :))) I highly recommend both courses. They are both very well done! :)

  I ordered Chris Pine's book Learn To Program and should be receiving it early next week. I am excited to finally start learning Ruby. I will try to work through that book as far as I can, I hope it is beginner friendly. :) I will start working through it tomorrow using the free online material at until I receive the second edition book in the mail.

  Have a great weekend everyone,

  Thank you for the feedback, and thank you for following my blog


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