Friday, October 9, 2015

Rails Hartl Tutorial and end of the week update

  Hello, everyone!

  Another week is almost over, and in two days I will have already been "learning code" for two months. Time flies when you are having fun, I guess :)

  Me and two other #codenewbie slack members (twitter handles: @Jonai_Live and @RandyTorres23) started a small study group, and we will be going through Hartl Rails Tutorial together. We are planning on doing a weekly Hangout on Sundays to discuss the week's material, help each other through issues, and decide on the goal for the following week. Chapter 1 is the goal this week. It is a short chapter that mostly deals with setup. It has you setup rails, git and heroku. As an assignment for the chapter, a small rails app is developed and launched live to the web using heroku. Here is mine (don't get excited, it is not much at all): Chapter 1 app .   I am done with Chapter 1, and looking forward to the Sunday Hangout.

  In other plans, I am attending two more Ruby meetups: one tomorrow in Washington DC (the same one I went to two weeks ago), and one in Baltimore on Tuesday. I will definitely let you know how that goes.

  I am still working on Zed Shaw's "Learn Ruby the Hard Way", even though it has been kind of an a back burner this week. The goal is to finish the book completely along side with couple of other things I am working on.

  This week I have started on working on a script of my own as a side project. Not much to say right now, I am still trying to narrow down what I want it to do (and how). As this project develops, I will be covering it more in this blog.

  In the next blog post, I will attempt to do a summary of my two months learning code, with some tips for anyone who is about to (or thinking about) starting this journey :)

  That is all for now!

  I will talk to all of you cool people later,


 PS. On an unrelated note, I had a chance to see "Martian" yesterday. What an awesome movie! Definitely recommend! :)


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