Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Codenewbie.org and Ruby Monday

  Hello, everyone!

  I have been a lurker in the codenewbie community for about a month now. It is a very active community designed to help new developers. They have an active forum, webpage with lots of articles. They host a weekly twitter chat for beginners etc.

  They also have a Ruby Monday event where they host a Google Hangout and collaborate on a project. I joined them last night to listen in. I must say pretty much everything just went above my head. I understood on the high level what was discussed, but I did not understand specific code. But it was still a good experience, and I am glad I participated. Listening for two hours to several people discussing code exposed me some more to the process of team coding, jargon and code logic.

  I also met a couple of other new developers, and we are thinking about forming a study group, and work through a tutorial or a specific book together.

  I highly recommend checking out and participating in the codenewbie community if you are a new developer.

  - Andrei

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