Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kicking studying into high gear

  Hello, everyone!

  This is a pretty exciting time for me. I live in a seasonal town, and starting Monday, it will slow down a lot for me as far as work goes, so I should have a lot more free time. I am planning on kicking up my study hours up a notch. I will try to aim for 5 hours a day. We will see how that goes.

  My Rails study group seems very promising. We already had one Google Hangout where we all "officially" introduced ourselves to each other, and talked about our plans for this study group. We will try to do one chapter a week, and talk about it on Mondays. There are exercises in the end of the chapter, and each person has been assigned an exercise that he will present to the group, and talk through solving it.

  I have been attending Ruby meetups as well. I am going to another one on Saturday in DC, and I am even scheduled to give a talk in an upcoming Ruby meetup in Baltimore, MD on November 10th! That's right, I volunteered to give a talk. I have never given one before, so I am really nervous and excited. I still have some time to prepare. My talk will be geared towards beginners (obviously). I think it would be a great experience and I will learn a lot from it too. I have to have a solid understanding of everything I will be attempting to present, organize my thoughts, and reword the material in an easy to understand manner, plus also hopefully be able to answer questions.

  I also purchased "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" By D. Black. It has really good reviews, and I am looking forward to reading it to supplement my learning.

  Still working on "Learn Ruby the Hard Way",  I really want to finish it but it is going pretty slow. I am stuck on the chapter that teaches you about writing test scripts, and I am having difficulty making tests for my own programs. I need to spend more time on it...

  That is all for now,

  Have a great weekend, everyone!

 - Andrei


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