Thursday, February 25, 2016

I did it :)

  Hello, everyone!

  The biggest news is that I got hired full-time as a Software Developer! I am beyond myself with excitement! My first day is Monday, and I cannot wait. It has been extremely busy two weeks. I have been looking for a new place to stay for me and my wife. We are moving to Baltimore!

  Unfortunately, it means that I had to end my internship early, but everyone there was very supportive and happy for me.

  I will be working for a data integration start-up, and most of my work will be with Ruby! I am really excited about that as well. I love Ruby, and I feel so lucky that I will have an opportunity to really learn the language. I already love all the people at my new job, and the company has a great support and mentorship system in place for jr devs. I can't wait!

  In other news, I was one of the coaches at a Rails Workshop for Women event in Baltimore. It was a really great experience. I met a lot of people, and it was great to coach and teach Rails to newcomers. Great atmosphere and friendly vibes!

  I also have two talks coming up at tech meetups in DC area. I am giving a talk on March 2nd at Arlington Ruby meetup, and another one on May 12th in DCRug.

  There is also a Ruby Unconference I am attending on March 5.

  Such a busy schedule, and lots of changes!

  If anyone is curious about the interview process I had to go through, or you have any questions about me going from a hotel manager to a software developer in 5 months, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @andreikoenig. I am always happy to chat!

P.S. I am sorry, I can't share specific parts of the interview process (interview questions, coding quizes, etc), but I am happy to tell you what I did to prepare for the interview, resume tips and general interview tips. :)

  Have a great day, everyone!



  1. Welcome aboard Andrei! We're lucky to have you & excited to be part of your journey. It's OK with me if you want to share interview questions - maybe not the quiz though :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike! So happy to be part of STAQ :)

  2. my rationale is we don't want our interviews to be gotcha sessions - just honest conversations about the candidate's goals and desires and true talents