Monday, November 9, 2015

Quick update

  Hello, everyone!

  I have not posted in a week or so, so I wanted to make a blog post with a quick update. I have not done much as far as coding this past week, as my young 2 year old dog has had some major health issues without any warning, so I all my efforts have been focused on taking her to doctors every other day, monitoring her condition and giving her meds every 3 hours. As she gets better, I will be getting back to coding again.

  I am scheduled to give my first talk at a Ruby meetup in Baltimore, MD tomorrow, so I am really excited! ... and nervous. I will be showing a URL checker script that I made. I am so glad that I prepared in advance, and that I had my talk prepared last week. With everything that has been going on with my dog, I would have been struggling to get it ready last minute.

  Thanks for following my blog, and thank you for reading,

 - Andrei

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