Monday, September 7, 2015

Play my Ruby game!

  Hello, everyone!

  Still coding here, and I just finished Chapter 36 of Mr. Shaw's book. The Chapter's assignment is to make your own text based game. I found the website where I can upload Ruby code, and you can play my game right in your web browser! I would love for you to play my game and try to beat it! It is a pretty simple "escape room" style game. It took my wife less than 5 minutes to win! :)

  Click Here To Play my game! When the window finishes loading, Click "Run" on the top right corner to execute the code. Also it is a lot easier if you resize the window so you can see less code and more of the game window. Drag and drop the divider in the middle to the left, so that your black screen is wider. Just read the text on the right, type in your commands and enjoy the adventure  :)

  Let me know if you liked it, or hated it! Or if you run into errors, or you are stuck :)

  It was pretty exciting to finish this large chunk of code, and to have it all work! I had a lot of fun coding this game.

  Here is the raw version of the code on github:

  This website is pretty neat. You can code right in your web browser, and run the script. Pretty handy if you are a beginner!